A woman who walks with God will always reach her destination

Hi Beautiful YOu

Welcome! We love that you are here. 

She Rises was created out of a passion for women to discover their unique worth, value, and purpose. Because we believe hearts are transformed and lives are changed when women discover the truth of who and who's they are. Called to rise and lead so they can be the change in their world. Making the love of Christ known.

You were designed with love and intention for a one-of-a-kind purpose.  Positioned and equipped with strengths & talents uniquely yours. And a plan and destiny upon your life.

We empower women through our sisterhood community, bible studies and confidence and leadership programs.  

We believe a very intentional Creator created His girls to know they are loved and beloved; equipped and empowered; compassionate and courageous; purposeful not perfect - and beckons them to live the lives of influence they were made for. 

You inspire us already - Lets go! 


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  • Strengths based coaching session (60 minutes, online/skype)

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