"God-breathed potential is seeded within every woman"

She Seeks was founded by Joanne Tweedie, a sister saved by grace, on the journey of falling down and getting up just like you! I am passionate about equipping, empowering and inspiring women to break through perceived containment lines in their own life, and rise into the SHE-LEADERS they are called to be.


A trained life coach and ministry leader with Holy Yoga global, Joanne is responsible for programs, content & devotionals released by She Seeks. And loves seeing how all things - especially the raw, messy parts of our lives - are made beautiful in Him xx

"She Seeks is mine, is every woman's story. 
Every plan & purpose for your life starts with knowing who & who's you are"

Kind words from incredible women:

  • "Working with Joanne has changed my life - helped me hone my vision, own my story and become more confident about my gifts and calling. Her encouragement, discernment and excellence are ever present and she is genuine, tender and devoted" Rachel, Made to Shine sisterhood

  • "Made-to-Shine is such a beautiful experience. It really allowed me the space, courage and love to re-discover who and whose I am. To re-anchor my purpose in Him, so that every action, indeed every breath I take, I know is not wasted" Helen, Made to Shine sisterhood

  • "A divine encounter with Joanne came at one of the most challenging times in my life. I needed to access my truth, connect with my power, and live out my purpose. I could not have done it without She Seeks" Sarah, coaching sisterhood