Advent 2020: The Covenant of God's Love

Week 2 Reading Plan: 1 John 1-6 (The Voice), 1 Corinthians 13: MSG

LOVE has been a concept i have wrestled with in my life journey. I've rejected myself as worthy of love. I have settled for lesser loves. I have compromised my value with things that were never designed or able to fill the deepest part of my soul. That part of ourselves that I believe only the love of our creator God is able to fill. This is the truth eternal we fix our eyes and hinge our hopes on this Christmas season. That He loved us first. Loved us into life itself through the breath of life given to Adam & Eve. And loved us way before that - at the beginning of creation itself. This is the miracle of the season. That God first loved.

Take a breath sister - and lets dive into this divine love together - Joanne, She Rises