Healing the wounded feminine heart

God wants you to live fully free and fully healed

Healing is tough. Healing is vulnerable. Healing is risking exposure (in safe, Godly places) in order to risk what we truly desire: love, intimacy and connection. Ultimately, the greatest longing for connection is with our maker. As we connect with Him and truly receive the grace of God's mercy and love, we have a supply to give to others.

"Healing is risking the pain of exposure in order to receive what we most truly desire: love, connection & intimacy"

In my own journey, I came into Church environments with a lot of issues. Problem is, i didn't believe I had issues! Quite a challenge for God, Jesus and the holy Spirit to worth with right?! And that's what the wounded soul (or heart) sometimes does - we become so used to wounding, we even bond with it at some level, because the comfort we find in its discomfort is better that the ache of true vulnerability.

Perhaps sis this is you too?

So, lets go back to the beginning with some lessons from scripture that teach us about how wounds occur in the human heart & soul, and give us some clues for freedom today.

Shame + our Genesis Identity

Having lived throughout my twenties outside of the love and truth of Christ, Genesis holds important clues about the origin of self, the origin of man and womanhood, and of the origin of humanity. But did you know, that it also holds clues about the origin of shame?

Whereas our conscious tells us 'we did something wrong', shame is a deeper soul wound that says 'you are something wrong' and makes us hide from God. I have seen the enemy traffic through shame in my own life - keeping me bound and ashamed. In Genesis 3:8 we see immediately after the fruit of the tree of knowledge was eaten and knowledge of sin and darkness entered Adam and Eve's consciousness in the garden of Eden, they "Hid from the Lord God amongst the trees..but the Lord God called to them and said, 'Where are you'? "

Here we see the first experience of shame entering into humanity and two dynamics enter man's relationship with God. The first is man & woman experiencing the guilt of sin becoming embedded (shame) and hiding from God. The second is God - knowing full well the infraction that had taken place - seeking out and running to his children ! There is so much beauty in this moment, while we desire to tun away, to hide and draw back, - a holy and Heavenly Father longs to draw close. It is the whisper of the enemy that wants to keep us shamed, silent and isolated, whereas the presence of a just and loving God says, come to me, let me clothe and cover you, and lets figure this out together.

If that's you today sis, let me speak over you that there is no sin that is able to separate you from the love of God. Yes it often requires a walk of repentance, confession and rebuilding but God is a good of grace and mercy and longs to do the journey with us. Intimately. Close. So today, encouraging you similarly not to draw back: but draw close.

Guarding our heart

The wisdom book of Proverbs says, Watch over your heart with all diligence,

For from it flow the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23). The trouble with soul wounds is often we have let stuff that was never intended for us to carry take hold in the deep places of our heart. Allowing the word of God to shine light within these places is a key step of healing. As Proverbs 20:27 says The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being. Sis, healing unfolds by allowing God access to our innermost places of our heart, to speak life and truth and most importantly love.

One of the deepest questions all woman ask within their soul realm is: Am I worthy of love?

True abiding love. And the deepest response to this question must be answered by our maker alone. Anywhere else is a shaky foundation. Human relationships are beautiful gifts from God but they are not intended to take the place reserved for God alone in our hearts and lives.

Today, encouraging you to create a sacred space and spend time with your maker. Ask Him, Lord - who did you create me to be? What is the deepest 'I am' as declared by your maker? Ask the holy spirit to cleanse & clean you with His truth and I promise you will be remade.

A new identity

Imagine a house or home that is designed by a great architect. God is that architect in our lives and intended for our identity to be built on His truths. God intended for us to grow up in the safety of his love and the awakening of His truths. Truths such as 'I have value' , 'I have worth', 'I am capable', 'I am loved' that empower us with strong foundations to navigate the growth and challenges of lie. Often however these truths are not in place and instead our inner beliefs sound more like, 'I am not enough', 'I need to perform for love', ' I am a mistake' and 'I am unloved'. As we act out these belief systems we often seek counterfeit substitutes for Gods truths and love, and pain validates our perception that we are worthless.

If you recognise any of this in your own heart or way of being, spend some time with God

and ask Him to reveal the lies and replace it with seeds of His truth. Only an encounter with Godly truth allows for true healing of wounds to take place as authority is reclaimed over places long since devastated.

Only your maker has the right to say who and who's you are.

Take time to hear his whisper over you today

Listen! I hear my lover’s voice.

I know it’s him coming to me—

leaping with joy over mountains,

skipping in love over the hills that separate us,

to come to me.

Sis, He is trustworthy, He is safe, He is well able to set you free in the safety of his endless love. Its the greatest of love affairs you could find and make.

If you could benefit from prayer to help you on your healing journey, I would be so honoured to connect with you. Email joanne@sheseeks.com.au.

Author: Joanne founder SR

Joanne is the founder of She Rises Australia, passionate about women knowing the transforming power of the love of Jesus, and walking in victory in life, mission and business. Joanne has her BA in Communications, a certified coach and recently completed her Cert iV in Ministry.

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