Hello sneaky comparison syndrome!

You know those days when you feel 'on purpose' and then you get suddenly derailed by 'comparison syndrome'. That churning fear that somehow you have missed the boat, not enough and missing out. And you start suddenly hustling for your worthiness. Lets get real...

We live in a world of never-ending "not enoughs" so how do we navigate being 'on mission' for our lives, without caught in trap of hustle and scarcity?

"We are only made to be whole & strong to life others up with us"

The truth is we need to recognise this thought as a lie, and arrest it before we allow it to take hold. And choose to swap the lie for the truth. And what better anchor than the Word.


Let these words wash over you: You didn't choose me, but I CHOSE YOU and put you in the world to bear fruit. YOUR race has been purposed with devine intention. To run the race that only you can run. To love the people well who have been placed in your world. To choose to believe that the plans and purposes for your life that are entrusted to you won't pass you by.


What we do have responsibility for is the choices we make in our present moment to do our responsibilities well. Not looking left or right, but rising into all you have been trusted with. And also - this is where it may get uncomfortable!- to swap our desires for the greater calling on our lives. To seek the Lords will over our own. Trusting - more than trusting - KNOWING that His greater is so much better than our good.


Dear daughter. You are enough, its unbelievable how ENOUGH you are. Keep going, because the promise over your life is worth it 👑


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