I AM woman, what's your superpower?!

I AM WOMAN, what is your superpower?! 🙌 In a world gone crazy, how do we "do" womanhood well today?

Being a woman who believes she is who God says she is and chooses to live a different identity & purpose. To believe that we're not just here to build our own kingdoms, hot bodies, cute wardrobes, enviable instagram accounts, or names for ourselves.

Woman, you have been made for more

“Do you believe that this gift of life isn't ours to squander. Because the price for our freedom has been paid by the greatest of love. .”

We are here to do sometimes hard & holy things. To be loved by God, and to live a life that tells others what its like to be loved by Him. To stand in the gap for others. And to wrestle with living with eternity in mind.

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