SHE LEADERS are resilient

She leaders are resilient. Can we get an AMEN?! 🙌 But a resilience that comes from knowing where your true source of strength comes from.

Sometimes God asks us to break things; let go; so He can rebuild us from the ground up. Rebuilt in such a way that only His power, grace and mercy can be shown. So that our only words can be, THIS, the fact that I am still standing is only due to the immense power, love and mercy of our Lord.

Lessons of Godly Resilience

“Is it time to say, I am who I am. This is where I stand. And I am standing my Holy ground.”

STAND YOUR HOLY GROUND 1. Stand your Holy Ground - there is a time to quiet out the other voices in your life, and let the Lord's shine the strongest. And say THIS is who I am; this is what I believe in; this is the boundaries of my heart and life and I will stand my Holy ground


2. Make a decision not to take your past into your future - glean the lessons of your past but choose to draw a dividing line into your future that you aren't going to live in the past (stuck in old stories) but are going to walk confidently into our future. Believing that what lies before us is ALWAYS greater than what lies behind, and every day is a chance to truly live, and live again


3. Speak faith, speak life - our words have such power to frame our reality, so much so that the bible says life and death is in our tounge. Be that She Leader who speaks living-water over your future & the people around you. As believers we have the power to speak & activate Heavens promises over our lives. Words that say, I will not be brought so low; this is not God's plan for my life, and I will declare that I will rise 💕

“Be the She Leader who declares Heaven's words and song over her life.”

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