SHE LEADERS do brave things

Faith over fear. Do it scared. Sounds good, but how do we actually walk it out in real-life?! Lets talk...

'Brave' often isn't found in the big moments of life, its found in everyday decisions to show up, fall down, lean into vulnerability and rise again. So how do we do everyday bravery well?

"We are only made to be whole & strong to life others up with us"


Sometimes you DO just need to do it scared - growth feels uncomfortable because you are stretching yourself in ways you haven't before and claiming new ground. Its okay to feel the fear, say hello to it but in no way is it allowed to drive!! We love how Liz Gilbert says it, instead of denying fear; acknowledge it; allow it to take a passenger seat in the car, but in no way is it allowed to navigate or drive! Your eternal destination is waaaay to important for that.