SHE LEADERS do hard & holy things

We need more women who are ready to RISE and do hard + holy things 🙌 Repost @annvoskamp

Your voice. Your heart is always wanted. And (In Christ) you always belong. Christ made women hero's in His stories, that's how much God loves women with his words. Promise you'll never forget this either?

“Rise Esthers, and don't be afraid to risk like a girl.”

God first revealed Himself to a woman (at a well) as the God who sees.

God see's your story. He created us with needs, to need Him.

Because God needed every woman to know that she is seen, she is known, she is beloved. God made the answer to the world's very first problem, of aloneness - to be a woman. And every woman in here not to up one another - but to help one another.

Just promise that you will never, ever forget: God made sure every girl knew when she was born she was never less than. Girls are a whole world more than pretty faces and pretty hair - they do hard & holy things, and change the whole world 🌎

RISE Ethers, and don't be afraid to risk like a girl, be fiercely fearless like a girl, and change the world like a girl. And today? We want nothing more than Jesus. Because we are BRAVE ENOUGH to believe He is our everything."

AMEN! At She Seeks we say I see you sister, RISE beautiful woman , RISE 💕

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