SHE LEADERS speak potential into and over others

If your words were food, would the people around you be nourished or starving?! A tough question hey! Lets get real...

When you see potential in someone we have an opportunity to stand beside and for someone and help SPEAK it into existence. Think back to people of influence in your life, generally they saw something in you that perhaps you couldn't yet see in yourself.

"We are only made to be whole & strong to life others up with us"

Great leaders not only SEE gifts, talent and potential in others, they SPEAK IT into and over people. And how just like our God this is.

Through vision and speaking the Word, life was created. When God speaks, he not only SEEDS and REVEALS potential within us, He speaks it into existence. Let's all be women who use our words to speak life and potential into others.

Because we are only made whole & strong to lift others up with us 👑 .

Comment below 👇 Because we are made to learn, grow & flourish in community xx.

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