The King is wild for you

What if this #valentinesday you fell in love with His love for you? 💕

A love that is wild. Unrestrained. It isn't shy. It is UNASHAMED. His love is proud to be seen with you. His love is fire. Burning bright for you as a light for all the world to see. (@bethelmusic - Pieces. Amanda Cook).

"His love is wild. Unrestrained. Unashamed to be seen with you"


This day, whatever season we find ourselves in my we return to our FIRST LOVE. The Truth the we are loved by the one who loved us first. A love that says, I see you. Nothing in your life is hidden from me. And I love you still. And couldn't love you more. You don't need to strive or pursue it. You just need to receive it. Even on your so-called worst days, I couldn't love you less. I speak YOUR NAME with and in love, as it was always intended to be spoken.


Beautiful woman, we pray that you know that the King of Kings is wild for you. That he finds you worthy & beautiful. That if you are in a waiting season for human -love & partnership, that you can live in the safe place of His love, and find peace, joy and completeness in the waiting. And know that waiting isn't 'punishment' or that you have done anything 'wrong', its about preparing you. It's about cultivating strength and faith.

Its about God loving you too fiercely to allow you to settle for anything less than the life and destiny planned for you. 💕

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