Where do you need to pray & protect?

We believe in the power of declarations that seed truth & authority into our everyday. Here are some of our favourites from this season to help you in your journey...

As Genesis declares we are made in the image of God. With the unique ability to speak either life or death. And to choose how we respond to the challenges and joys of life around us. The highs and lows. The mountain top and valley moments that are common to us all.

As I grow older my perspective has changed. From wanting a life based on seeking 'happiness' to a meaningful life that isn't oblivious to the inevitable storms but one that has a richer, and deeper faith. To find peace and protection in any storm. And to walk through them with resilience hand in hand with the spirit of God.

One of the most powerful spiritual tools is declaring God's truth over our mind, will and emotions. Tha